B&B Braunton North Devon

Walking in Braunton North Devon

A part from walking for fitness, one can call a good walk somewhere that takes you away from your daily routine, a place that gives space and views and diverse landscapes of interest without noise of traffic, being in nature gives us a break from our typical modern stressful lives so environment and facilities can mean all the difference between enjoyment and endurance. The enjoyment is all there for the taking with leisurely walks and amazing beaches and wildlife.  Endurance is a challenge offered in abundance with steep cliff drops, hang gliding, diving sites of world heritage importance, great surf and challenging competition sport with all year round activities in this tourist hot spot nature reserve.
Braunton North Devon is the perfect place to walk or hike, because there are hundreds of miles of coastal path, with no traffic, natural beauty and protected biosphere and sand dune systems that have unique and an abundance of rare flora and fauna.Fantastic rights of way of countryside and the Tarka Trail add variety and choices to outdoor fun for everyone of any age including families and people in endurance training enjoying nature as intended.
Walking the routes of pilgrims and come across ancient stone age settlements, experience the great surf culture and capture your imagination in secret pirate coves. Walking in North Devon, where no motorways run, will revive your senses, connect you to nature and become a place to conquer for those who like a physical challenge. Photographers will also want to reside here with no effort will capture the king fisher along the estuary banks and the Otter is famous round these parts written by local artist Henry Williamson and will often be spotted along the Caen River running through Braunton along the Tarka Trail.

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